Providing Versatile technology solutions that create competitive advantage and enable your organisation to shine
Our team are committed to delivering to you a friendly, knowledgeable and proactive experience – EVERY TIME
Maximising your IT platform so you can excel in your core business
Ownership of your IT requirements end to end and the multiple IT relationships your organisation holds, make one call to VEMO and RELAX

These values underpin the day to day actions of the VEMO team and form the basis of our service to you

The Cube

The infinity cube is strongly influenced by the works of M. C. Escher who is one of the world’s most famous graphic artists. Born in the Netherlands, Escher studied graphic art and travelled extensively throughout Europe which is the source of inspiration for many of his works. Escher was particularly fascinated by the (now world famous) Alhambra, a fourteenth-century Moorish castle in Granada. The intricate designs at Alhambra were based on geometrical symmetries featuring interlocking repetitive patterns sculpted into the stone walls and ceilings. The cube does not have a front, nor back and the more you look at it the less rational it becomes and this symbolises the virtual realm in which technology sits with no beginning and no end, an ever evolving entity.


VEMO IT Solutions started life more than seven years ago in Newmarket, Auckland and was then known as KDB IT Consulting. From those humble beginning the business, the team and the services provided have grown building a reputation for providing the right mix of technology solutions and a customer experience focused on service excellence.

In 2013 we moved to Parnell, with the changes both in the world of IT and the business creating a new brand was the next logical step and thus VEMO was born. The new look and feel of our brand represents the next stage in our evolution and is a better representation of our modern identity.

VEMO represents who we are, our values, unique capabilities and the comprehensive experience which we dedicate to organisations to assist them in understanding and utilising technology to create competitive advantage. The experience and talents of the team at VEMO are not limited to just the technical field but reach beyond this to encompass an understanding of business processes and requirements. This ensures that not only are we able to provide world class IT services but also the capability to provide solutions that enhance the operation and productivity of business, this expertise has been consistently proven through the solutions we have created and our continuous drive to provide tangible value for our clients.