Building a new PC any time soon? You’d best wait a couple of weeks — there’s a new chipset and memory combination that will blow away anything that came before it. DDR4 is the brand new memory standard, soon to replace the now seven-year-old DDR3 as the overclocker’s RAM of choice. Corsair’s new DDR4 RAM, along with other brands’ and the next-gen motherboards that support it, will go on sale at the end of this month.

Corsair has two sets of RAM that it’s pushing, for those super-early adopters that want to jump straight on DDR4 when it is released on August 29th. Corsair Dominator Platinum is a familiar name to anyone who has built an overclocking PC in the past, and joining the DDR3 already available is DDR4 at both 2666MHz and 2800MHz clock rates and in both 4GB and 8GB stick capacities. To use DDR4, you’ll need to justify a complete system upgrade to Intel’s latest and greatest X99 (or ‘Haswell-E’) chipset-toting motherboards.

The also-new Vengeance LPX DDR4 might be slightly downmarket compared to the Dominator Platinum, but it does offer one thing that enthusiasts will be looking for: fancy colours. You’ll be able to buy the LPX sticks in black, blue, red or white, and like the Dominator Platinum it supports Intel’s X99 platform’s upgraded XMP 2.0 auto-overclocking configuration. Corsair sets itself apart from other memory manufacturers with Link, which will let you hook up your RAM to a Link box and monitor temperatures across the anodised heatspreaders.

DDR4 and X99 both drop in Australia on August 29th.