Our Services

The friendly, knowledgeable and proactive NZ based VEMO team is dedicated to improving the operational efficiency of your organisation by increasing the reliability of your IT platform, resolving issues faster and minimising network downtime.

In addition, VEMO can go beyond providing IT support services to ensure your business is truly maximising the benefits that optimal technology can deliver. Let us guide you in becoming a more successful company which thinks strategically about its technology choices.

Service Focused IT Support

VEMO will assist you in increasing the operational efficiency of your organisaton. Resolves issues faster, increase reliability and minimise network downtime with VEMO.

Consultancy - Thinking Strategically About Technology

Maximising the benefits of technology is both an art and a science, it is not simply a return on investment equation. Let us guide you in becoming a more successful and efficient company with strategic technology planning and advice.

Cloud Computing

Done with servers? Our Cloud Service Offerings will allow you to store your data and programs securely on the internet.

IT Solution Offerings

Our technology solution offerings utilise our partnerships with market leading technology vendors, to guarantee our team and our clients have access to the very best solutions available.